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Monday, 27 May 2013

A Confessional Program

I have a week off work, am at home, and hence have a little bit of time to scribble. After a recent conversation with a friend, I am going to attempt a series of posts on a number of theological headings which I promised. There are three, in this order:

The Blessed Virgin Mary
The See of Peter

I shall start, however, with a post on Scripture and Tradition, because I think that the others will be fruitless without doing this groundwork. I am writing to an imagined audience who are starting from the sound position that Holy Scripture is the ground of truth, the "rule of faith and practice", and there is no point in proceeding unless the audience know where I stand with this. I thought it was worth writing, because I am usually a bit lost for an immediate answer when people ask me what the main reason is for getting into all that liturgy and saints stuff. The apologetic answers I have read thus far, apart from J.H. Newman and Francis de Sales, don't always chime with me.

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