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Thursday, 8 August 2013

The Nexus Between Ordination and Marriage

During a late and leisurely conversation with a friend last week (a rare and pleasurable event after one has become a parent), he offered an observation. For him, whether the Church should "marry" two people of the same sex, and whether there should be woman ordained to the priesthood was in essence the same question, which was in the end a questioning of the sacramental vision of reality. If there are to be female priests, homosexual marriage ought logically to follow. I admit that at the time the connection wasn't quite clear to me. Forgive me if - to those versed in the debate about female ordination in a way that I am not - this is an old piece of thinking that has been rehearsed endlessly, but I chanced on this article that sets out the nuptial aspect of the theology of priesthood very clearly and succinctly, with the subtle and diplomatic title Why Women Can't Be Priests

The interesting point isn't just that the article is saying that there is an analogy between the priestly role and marriage - as a kind of bolstering argument - but rather that these two sacraments are diverse enactments in the world of the same divine act. (Exactly what I dully failed to pick up on at the weekend.)

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