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Saturday, 28 September 2013

The Ordinariate Rite: Some More News

I had heard - and feared - that it might take another two or three years to have an Ordinariate Rite for the Eucharist approved for the use of my beloved Ordinariate of Our Lady of Walsingham: but, no. The only website that seems to be reporting on this is the The Friends of the Ordinariate, which says that it is being "launched" (is that a playful metaphor to refer to the people standing in the nave?) on 10th October in Our Lady of the Assumption, Warwick Street, but there isn't an awful lot of new detail in there about the exact text of the Rite. There isn't even anything about the launch on the Ordinariate website itself apart from a laconic note in the events calendar.

Monsignor Burnham's paper at the Sacra Liturgia conference gave a good guide as to what to expect of the Rite, but there is still nothing in print anywhere. Is the lack of a text because there isn't a published version available yet, and they need to safeguard copyright? Because the detail isn't finally decided? And if it simply a tweak here and there to the Book of Divine Worship from the Anglican Use parishes in the United States, why not say so? I'll have to ask around and find out, and probably just have to wait.

I hope our blessed patron, dear John Henry, doesn't mind about that poster advertising the Votive Mass. He looks disconsolate and spectral, and one can see the fatal knife slash on his right upper chest, just within the frame.

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