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Friday, 11 October 2013

The Ordinariate Rite: It's Arrived!

You can tell how excited I am by the exclamation mark, normally a thing I abominate, in the title. Yesterday, 10th October, was the first celebration of the Ordinariate Rite at Our Lady of the Assumption, at Warwick Street, Soho. Given that it was reported in February 2012 that this was going to take five years to come about, this day has come swiftly beyond hope.

The fullest detail so far of what the Rite involves, apart from Monsignor Burnham's homily found on the Ordinariate site, is this offering from Pray Tell, which has a few critical remarks about the sources and authenticity of some of the Rite. I am not sure if this is justified: if one is going to bring together various elements, I think one is going to require some bridging material somewhere. To call it the Anglo-Catholic Dream Liturgy therefore isn't quite fair, but the phrase set me thinking of an apt piece of Coverdale's Psalter for the occasion:
When the LORDE turneth agayne the captiuyte of Sion, then shal we be like vnto them that dreame. Then shal oure mouth be fylled with laughter, and oure tonge with ioye.
Not everyone's tongue is filled with joy, though: and does it surprise that Anglicans aren't the irritated party? The Tablet's journalists picked up on what was, of course, the main point of the evening, as an occasion to check one's gender and diversity quotas: "Women at the Mass were outnumbered by men by around four to one." All I can say about that is, what a splendid sign for its future.

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