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Saturday, 11 April 2015

Seven Sacraments in Christ

Something speculative:

Baptism is primarily the rite of initiation into Christianity, and is the rite accompanied by repentance and the virtue of faith - it is to enter sacramentally into Christ's Death and Resurrection. (Penance is the sacramental renewal of baptism.)

Confirmation is the rite of the gift of the Spirit, and is accompanied by love - it is to enter sacramentally into Pentecost.

The Eucharist is the rite of incorporation into Christ, and is to enter sacramentally into Christ's Ascension, although it is accompanied by the virtue of hope as it looks towards the consummation of Christ's Second Coming and the heavenly bridal feast. Participation in Christ's Ascension is what the book of Hebrews is all about, in fact: entering into the heavenly places with Christ. (Rather than His sacrifice being re-enacted, the notion of repetition belongs primarily to our sacrifice which Christ makes His own in the moment when we become the High Priest and ascend with Him.)

Ordination is also a rite of the Ascension where the one anointed participates in the eternal anointing of Christ as High Priest in the heavens; and Anointing of the sick is the imparting of that grace to the diseased in body and in soul.

Marriage, then, is the sacrament of Christ's Second Coming, His return to feast with His Bride: and having such a exalted position among the sacraments it requires every possible virtue, cardinal and theological...

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