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Thursday, 16 July 2015

Modern Cheap Reprints: A Query

Before I part with a reasonably large sum for an original 1882 Cambridge hardback of Procter & Wordsworth's Sarum Breviary (Volume 1), does anyone know anything about the modern paperback reprints that are sold by the horde on Amazon and other places? Are they reliable copies of such books, or does one find pages missing?

I suppose they are a bit cheaper... and then there are three volumes in the series... and I may not find the Cambridge originals of the others any time soon. So should I really pay so much for Book 1 if I am going to end up buying cheap modern reprints of Books 2 & 3? You see my dilemma.

Thus, dear reader, reliable information about the quality of the reprints would be much appreciated. Or - even better, if you possess Volumes 1-3 and you wish to sell them to me at a reasonable price!

P.S. I have (in an on-line version of the book mentioned above) found the complete answer to a question about the benedictions for Matins lessons in the Sarum breviary, something I wrote about a number of weeks ago. More on that when I have time.


Update 17th July...
P.P.S. One can find Volumes 1 & 2 easily enough, but no publisher has yet reprinted Volume 3 containing the Proprium Sanctorum, and I can't find an old edition either. What a nuisance.


  1. The cheap modern reprints are, I suspect, hard copies of the scanned PDFs of the originals, which you can download from All three volumes are available from that site, e.g.

    Vol v. 1: Breviarium ad usum insignis ecclesiae Sarum ...

  2. I have bought a number of re-prints which have been very good. Only once did one arrive which was not as described. The seller gave a full refund and if one pays with PayPal or a credit card the payment is insured anyway.


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