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Sarum Office

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....for details about the Sarum office near Guildford in Surrey. If you wish to pray the Sarum office in community then do please get in touch by e-mail, (tgraham04 [at]

The following is a brief note about practical steps that can be taken towards the use of the Sarum office in daily prayer. At the foot of the page is a link to an experimental lectionary that I have been constructing and using for several years, which expands the traditional office lectionary to include most of Holy Scripture within the course of a year.

Praying the Office

It is possible to say the Sarum office in English using the sources mentioned below; and within a normal working week. One needs to get out of bed early enough to leave almost 90 minutes for Matins and Lauds, and Sunday's longer Matins can be said late on Saturday; Vespers takes a little more than 30 minutes.

The Little Hours can be fitted around a busy day if one curtails the Psalms for each hour - for example, praying only one of the six divisi of Psalm 119 appointed for Terce, Sext and None (thus spreading them from Monday to Saturday), and praying the first two divisi of Psalm 119 at Sunday Terce, and the third and fourth at Sunday Sext and None respectively (One therefore leaves the first four divisi of Psalm 119 out of the Psalms for Prime on Sundays).


The Sarum Office in English may be found at Dr William Renwick's site:

It is being added to all the time, and eventually this mammoth project will make the whole Temporale and Sanctorale available, with musical settings.

In addition, a handy volume for the day hours at least is J.M. Neale's Sarum Diurnal, although there are a few details of revision that I wish had been left alone. It is available as a print on demand book, or sometimes the original comes up. (It falls apart easily though.)


The expanded and experimental lectionary* is more or less constructed, and can be reached through a link at the following page:

* This lectionary includes the Sarum Missal lectionary. The italicised entries in the lectionary are lessons that are intended to be overridden when there is a clash of two possible lessons, e.g. there is a series of lessons specially for the O antiphon days in the Advent section that override the lessons given for the third week in Advent on those years when Advent is shorter - as Advent can vary in length by up to six days.

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